Wizard with Amethyst Crystal Staff


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Size: about 18cm tall (without the hat)


- embroidered details with golden thread on the blue tunic,

- real Amethyst crystal in Wizard's Staff,

- golden thread in Wizard's beard,

- bendy arms. 

Amethyst Crystal:
According to popular belief, it is a powerful and protective crystal that cleanses the aura of negative energies. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm. Ancient Greeks believed that this crystal was good for recovering from headaches, relieves stress, enhancing the immune system, activates spiritual awareness, reduces pain, strengthens the body to fight against cancer, promoting digestive health, increasing intelligence, and for a goodnight's sleep. Amethyst also enhances creativity, imagination, and success. Did you know that every Amethyst has different spiritual properties for its owner? Some people believe that if kept near the bed, Amethyst will help with good night sleep - no more insomnia!


Felt art dolls are unique and delicate items, not suitable for children below 10 years old. Please handle with care.

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