Deer Goddess Doll with Carnelian Gemstone in Her Staff


Meet Fauna. She is a woodland goddess with a beautiful Carnelian gem in her staff that it is supposed to restore motivation and creativity. Her role is to protect and bring good luck (with a little bit of help from the precious gem ;)).

This doll is ready to ship. Only one available.

Size: about 18cm tall (without antlers)


- embroidered details with golden thread,

- Carnelian gemstone in Fauna's staff,

- bendy arms as well as legs,



Has been worn in the belief that it would restore vitality, motivation, and stimulates creativity. In addition, this precious stone helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions. As much as it is prosperity and good luck stone it is also a protection stone. It will keep you safe from harm and other misfortune while keeping you strong and healthy in body and mind.

In ancient Rome, this stone was believed to give courage to the person who was wearing it. Ancient Egyptians used this stone to distinguish their status and rank. In the Middle Ages, alchemists used it to release the energy of other stones.

Felt art dolls are unique and delicate items, not suitable for children below 10 years old. Please handle with care.

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