Ilse and Ollie April 26, 2019 11:13

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Custom order - art doll in work uniform December 18, 2018 14:51

Custom doll for Brianna March 4, 2017 16:48

Meet lovely Brianna from California.

This set was created for Brianna's boyfriend who is on deployment. The set needed to be small enough not to get in the way but be close to her boyfriend to remind him of home. 

The cow is a silly inside joke they share between each other :) a little something to put a smile on his face, always there when he needs a little cheer up time.


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Brianna's doll on my desk among stationary, made by whisper of the pipit

Meet Carter and his girlfriend! August 29, 2015 16:43

Yey! Another happy custom order completed! This time I was honored to make art dolls for a very lovely couple from Texas, US. These cuties are going to be a birthday present for Carter's girlfriend. Dolls were made according to the picture provided by Carter. Click on the title to see more :)

Jordan, Hannah and Little Ginny August 26, 2015 21:00

Can't believe how time flies! It's nearly September and the summer holiday is over. Today I'd like to share with you my recent custom order for Jordan, who's going to surprise his girlfriend with their cute custom art dolls from their best Halloween party of all-time.

I love their outfits! :D