Custom art dolls October 19, 2015 15:00

Let me take you on an adventure with Danielle and Alex.
Sometimes you have to let a spontaneous side show and embrace adventure. This is what life is all about.

There's nothing like it! Each doll is custom-designed so they mirror the real person in every detail from the correct colour and design of the outfit to the exact hairstyle. You couldn't imagine more prefect keepsake of a wedding day, anniversary or your kids childhood. Each doll has bendy arms so that they can hold something. The best way to order your customised dolls is to send us your pictures and we'll match it as close as possible. Tiny details can include miniature patterns on clothes, accessories like watch, hairstyles. Click here now: Re-pin for later

Custom art dolls of Danielle and Alex. Adventure awaits. dolls made from felt by Whisper of the Pipit. Perfect wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, mother's day gift idea